Wecsoft Video Cutter/Trimmer

Best Video Cutter app for Mac and Windows. Wec Video Cutter/Trimmer allows you to easily cut or trim any video to create the perfect video clip for your YouTube channel, Instagram, social media or send to your friends, clients, etc. Wecsoft video trimmer works with all the popular formats such as AVI, MP4, VOB, MPG, MOV and others. One-click to split a large video to equal-length parts or designated length. No video size limit.

Video Cutter for Mac
Video Cutter for Mac

Cut/Trim video by time or keyframe

Extract or delete selected parts of any video. Use the markers to select multiple segments. Easy to cut, trim and share with family and friends. With Wec Video Cutter/Trimmer, you can accurately cut or trim any favorite part of your video by time or keyframe. Set video time directly to make the right length for Instagram.

  • Preview the whole video or segments you want to trim/cut
  • Select multiple segments and trim/cut them together.
  • One click to split a long video to several equal parts.

Lossless and High-speed

Cut a long video to several short segments quickly and without any quality loss. Fast cutting/trimming speed when keeping the video and audio quality at original. Cut/trim video but not compress the video. Fast, stable and ad-free.

  • Keyframe Mode - Very fast and without any quality loss.
  • Normal Mode - Re-encode the output video with more accurate start/end time.
Video Cutter for Mac
Video Cutter for Mac

Support all popular video formats

No matter which video format you choose, it will save the original resolution and aspect ratio of the video. Allows you to play and preview the video for cutting and trimming videos. Click the time-bar to get to the point where you want to start/end the cutting. One-click to rewind/fast forward 30 seconds or 2 minutes.

  • Quality of video and sound is eqaul to the original video.
  • One-click to rewind/fast forward 30 seconds or 2 minutes.
  • Rewind or fast forward one frame/keyframe.

Split video on Key Frames

Tried it for trimming and that works perfect. Able to set start and end time by frame. Best video Cutter ever with 100% accuracy.

Split video into equal parts

Best video cutter without any lag. Fast and accurate. I love the app very much.

Preview brfore cutting

It does exactly what I wanted. You can playback the selected custom time before when you are sure to cut.